CapCenter is bringing clarity to an already confusing market

CapCenter have become a trusted brand in the American mortgage market. Their process is fully transparent and whether clients are buying a home or refinancing, there are no closing costs.

When rebranding, CapCenter choose Rob Janoff to craft the new brand. We sought to humanize the house shape, casting a negative space within two stylised hands. The final logo mark enabled a flexible and contemporary corporate image across print, digital and tvc.

When analyzing areas of visual opportunity in CapCenter’s competitor landscape, we identified orange as an ‘ownable’ colour. The final brand identity has proved agile and relatable as the company has marketed its products and services.

Clean, simple and approachable

The rounded typeface was chosen to compliment the approachable personality of the business. It was important to remove anything that seemed confusing or unnecessary. Redesigning the logo mark came down to giving correct cues to the market through simple recognisable shapes. The symmetrical shapes represent hands and the letter ‘C’. We felt it necessary that a genuinely helpful company should appear simple to engage with.

Capcenter needed to visually convey that they are highly approachable, easy to work with and genuine and authentic about their products. Uncomplicated brand elements and simple messaging help project the concept of caring for the consumer in a traditionally confusing and stressful process.

Leaving an impression

A brand identity should inform each part of your communication strategy. CapCenter have carved out a meaningful market niche charging zero closing costs on a home sale. In their TVC campaigns, they effectively utilised their corporate colour and three strong words which exemplified a  main selling point.

When planning your rebrand, consider how Rob Janoff Agency can deliver a similar outcome across all communications touchpoints. A cohesive and compelling strategy builds a brand narrative that people want to engage with.