Sarraf Strata, one of the most seen logos in Australian football.

Sarraf Strata is a name only known too well among those in the multi-dwelling property game. Norman Sarraf the CEO approached Rob and his team to provide his company with a legacy brand, to take the company forward and provide an approachable and memorable impression.

This rebrand was taken on to create a higher degree of both approachability and brand recognition. The strata market in Sydney is strong and the new logo was designed to physically occupy as much space in a rectangle to provide a strong presence amongst competitors.

Rebranding with clarity and approachability

Creating a successful brand requires a high level of self-awareness, a keen understanding of the marketplace and a thorough ability to identify how both company and customer exchange. In branding Sarraf Strata the team at Janoff thoroughly distilled the culture and attributes that make the Sarraf company successful categorising the findings in to brand attributes and personality.

Norman Sarraf completely understands the power of genuinely authentic brands. A known businessman and philanthropist he wanted to convey a memorable brand that carried his values.

An approachable logo for a people first company

Sarraf Strata care for people, whether it be the people in their buildings, charities or even the supporters of football their rebrand needed to reflect their heartbeat. This simple, clean memorable brand will help build relationships with a company that genuinely cares. Rob visited Sarraf Strata in Sydney to see how the brand rollout as going and will most certainly return.