Hayatna, a true challenger brand for the UAE dairy market

Based in Adu Dhabi, Hayatna is part of the Emirates Food Group, which is focused on making locally sourced healthy foods. The UAE has a strong calling to address food security, and Hayatna saw itself as the nutritious challenger in the dairy sector. With the need to be able to brand bilingually, we needed a logo mark that would resonate powerfully with its intended market. The final logo design proved to be an evolution that harnessed all avenues of storytelling and future product development.

A thorough investigation into design solutions

In crafting the Hayatna brand, a deep study was undertaken into positioning and the competitive landscape to influence the creative direction. Hayatna was to niche itself as a more youthful and healthy alternative introducing new products to the marketplace. While predominantly dairy, Hayatna was also rolling out a line of juices and cereal-based products which also factored into the brand problem-solving. Fresh, approachable with soft edges was a way to bring a true niche to the market and add that global brand impression the client was chasing.

Borrowing from the existing brand equity based on a crown to signify quality, numerous studies were undertaken. A refined mark was realised that shared an essence of life and vitality.

Science based human driven connections

Our thorough, creative investigation into the Haytana rebrand provided us with a carefully crafted design solution that carried the fruitful human connection that the brand previously lacked. Sharing health, happiness and vitality with its market every single day.