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Bathrooms are critical infrastructure

Client Testimonial

We only work with certified professionals and SFM take safety and compliance seriously. Highly recommended!

S. Mason. HR Director
Hardly anyone thinks about the facilities when they visit a rest room.

But when toilets stop working, the entire workforce can be affected. Earlier this year one of our clients calls and says there are zero toilets working in the building. That’s quite the dilemma. Sure, they can call a plumber but when we have a building under management we’re also careful about the bottom-line. Emergencies are what some trades live for, the fees can double or triple. So we visit and straight up see that there are two issues, one that means some toilets can remain operational and the other issue which calls for a plumber. Our relationships with the trades means they don’t want to let us down.

We provide steady work, so its not all about emergency billing. Project lead was Ken, he knew immediately that he could keep the facility open and working while both issues were resolved. “It sounds like a cliche but I am there to represent the brand. I love the people I work for and so if I can, I resolve stuff,” said Ken. “I’m the guy who got that building operational again and the owner was pretty happy. I love that, it feels good.”

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