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Client Testimonial

From time to time we need emergency service outside of scheduled maintenance. SFM always come through for us.

Liam S. Business Manager
It’s the 22nd December and while every business in Toronto is winding down for the holidays, Standard FM get a call about major delays on their client’s building.

The last trade in has taken longer than expected and the floors need to be prepped before the carpet layers arrive Monday. It’s a nightmare scenario. Project lead Bob was tasked with resolving the situation. “It’s not about money, I just work for the company,” said Bob. “The fee between the client and my employer is not my motivation. Actually it’s about respect. When our client is in trouble, I’m there to help. I respect them and they know I won’t let them down.” Despite an all-nighter the project was handed over in good shape and the next trade arrived on time, not realizing the difficulty in-between.

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