We are RJA


We help brands reach global audiences

We are a global agency working with international brands to bring impactful and meaningful connections to their markets. With decades of experience working with Fortune 500 companies and emerging start-ups, Rob Janoff Agency (RJA) knows how to build and retain relevance in companies and their image. Whether branding, digital, campaign development or strategy, we can work with your brand to help bring it the attention it deserves.

Branding is big business. Large agencies have enormous infrastructure to support. Their approach is often similar from client to client and there can be a lack of agility when crafting campaigns.

We work with clients in a bespoke way. Craftsmanship forms a big part of our approach and so the design outcomes are built to be beautiful.

Our first goal with new clients is forming a close and productive working relationship. Fostering trust and respect allows Rob and the team to offer advice that is well received and outcomes that achieve the best result.


Many of our new clients want to rebrand, or at least refresh their brand. Since Apple, Rob Janoff has been known as a rebrand expert. Of course for Apple, Rob designed the iconic Apple logo with the bite. Whether the final result is a complete knockdown and new-build of the logo and corporate image, or something more modest, Rob and the team understand that the journey but be meaningful and ultimately profitable for the company. We integrate with your marketing and brand teams to craft the result you seek. We never forget that our client must feel empowered by the new work and be fully invested in it. Our goal is to collaborate rather than dictate any one design solution.