CLAI’s rebrand infused Italian craftsmanship with genuine care

Sarraf Strata is a name only known too well among those in the multi-dwelling property game. Norman Sarraf the CEO approached Rob and his team to provide his company with a legacy brand, to take the company forward and provide an approachable and memorable impression.

Just like a smile in a person’s eyes communicates something essential, the brand’s expression tells you what kind of relationship you will have with that product or company. Clai is a company with deep-rooted values ​​that are reflected in work, people and quality products. In a place where ‘ happy workers mean happy salami, therefore happy consumers’, quality and care are not found only in the final product, but represent a complete ethos that starts from the heart of the company.

Become more memorable and meaningful

The emotional connection with the consumer: the clear, simple and friendly design creates an immediate and unforgettable welcome gesture for the consumer. The promise that the new logo makes to the consumer is to represent the joy of sharing quality and socially responsible products with friends and family. The big central smile in the image represents the people at the center. The happiness expressed by a smile is the realization of the human person, a realization of oneself as a consciousness of knowing where to go and what and how to do together.

Placing the person at the center of the logo and the brand (the smile) connects the concept of happiness with the commitment to processes, quality products and service from the company.

Become more memorable and meaningful

CLAI is part of a cooperative spanning generations that ultimately cares for the entire process from farm to plate. This differentiation is unique because it does not import products and uses strictly local ingredients. Attention to nutrition, animal welfare and good farming practices have always been the priorities for obtaining quality and consistency. The rebrand has opened CLAI to have more conversations with is customers around issues that matter. It now feels better represented and is positioned to grow to meet its ambitions.

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