Creating a global brand for a company that is really going places

We were approached to rebrand Exeed Industries, an industrial group of companies based in the UAE offering construction, engineering, building materials and consumer goods. Focused on creating state-of-the-art solutions and technology in the region, Exeed was looking to shift its focus into exporting electrical goods globally. The brand needed to be something that could present elegance yet be industrious. It needed to be able to be reproduced and applied simply, and it needed to feel like it was going places.

An ‘E’ motion to point to the future of innovation

The chosen logo mark was built on the merge of the letter ‘E’ and the forward motion to symbolise progression, air, heat and all other processes that tie to the company’s wide-ranging services. Numerous designs were tested on packaging, appliances and various other collateral to rigorously test their versatility. As a result, the chosen logo mark has simplicity and diversity that can carry the company forward for generations. Supergraphics and patterns were also integrated into the brand guide to increase brand recognition.

We are extremely proud of this brand and how well it serves the vast range of company services. It presents exceptionally clearly and adapts perfectly when presented in Arabic.

For a brand truly moving forward

Exeed is a company that is not shy about chasing success. With numerous awards across its industries, it looks to take its innovative heart into all future business endeavours.